Fish Picnic: Three Islands Tour

Itinerary: Three Islands Tour

Spend a day on a boat trip to Elafiti Islands. Enjoy the boat ride, explore the islands, beautiful nature, swimm, walk or just rest and relax. Have a teasty meal onboard. Sped an unforgettable day on islands which are known as the latest spots of untouched nature at the Mediterranean. Fish picnic by: m/b Sv. Martin & m/b Ribica.

GRATIS: FREE Mini-van transfer from your accommodation to boat and back is available for online bookings.


  • 09:15 – Departure every day from the harbor Gruž (for detailed location please see the map)
  • 09:40 – Hotel Lapad pier (for detailed location please see the map)
  • 10.25 – Old Town Port (depends upon conditions)
  • Arrival to the Island of Koločep
  • Free time for individual activities (sightseeing, swimming)
  • Departure towards the Island of Šipan
  • Arrival to the Island of Šipan, exploring the village of Suđurađ
  • Free time for individual activities (sightseeing, swimming)
  • Lunch on board & departure towards the Island of Lopud
  • Arrival to the Island of Lopud
  • Free time for individual activities (sightseeing, swimming): 3 hours
  • Departure from the Island of Lopud
  • 18:00 – 18.30 – Arrival to Dubrovnik

Duration: 8 – 9 hours (approx.)

Included in price:

  • Boat transportation
  • Lunch: choose in advance from fish, chicken, vegeterinan meal ( please use online booking)
  • Drinks (welcome drink, non alcoholic beverages, wine). Consumation of drinks is not limited during the tour)

Sportswear, sunblock and sunglasses reccomended. Do not forget to take your camera! :-)

*Please note that the Itinerary is dependable upon weather conditions.

What to see & do at Elafiti Islands

Please note that FISH PICNIC – THREE ELAFITI ISLANDS TOUR by DUBROVNIK BOATS takes you to Island of Koločep and Gornje čelo village, Island Lopud and Lopud village (visiting nearby Šunj bay at Island of Lopud is free choice) and Island of Šipan and Suđurađ Village.

Elafiti Islands is the archipelago of thirteen islands streching northwest off Dubrovnik. The name of Elafiti Islands comes from the Greek word elafos, meaning a deer. Out of thirteen islands only three are inhabited:

Island of Koločep – a green island with centuries’ old woods of pine and carob, olive groves and gardens filled with oranges and lemons, with beautiful beaches and a large fragrant park is one of the most beloved excursion destinations from Dubrovnik. Two settlements, Donje Celo and Gornje Celo, one on the east coast and the other on the west, are connected by a windy road through olive groves and gardens. Many remnants of old architecture have been preserved, and are dispersed throughout the island (an old pre-Romantic chapel, ruins of the basilica, summer homes, guard tower and more). In the Chapel of St. Anton is the polyptych of Ivan Ugrinovic (15th century), one of the best works among the Dubrovnik painters. The beautiful landscape of the artist has enthralled and attracted many a painter.

Island of Lopud – an island of lush Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, beautiful gardens, parks and beaches, Lopud is one of the most developed islands for tourism in the Dubrovnik region. In the past, it was an island of captains, which provided the most sailors for the navy of the Dubrovnik Republic. Also from Lopud was the famed sailor and ship owner Miho Pracat. According to the Dubrovnik historian Razzi, Lopud had 30 churches in the 16th century, as well as numerous summer residences, several monasteries and many more inhabitants than today. Visible on the island are the ruins of early medieval churches, summer residences and fortresses. The Franciscan monastery from 1483 with its cloister, defensive towers and walls and its Church of St. Mary of Splica holds much valuable art: the polyptych of Pietro de Giovanni, the triptych from the workshop of Nikola Bozidarevic, the polyptych of Girolan da Santacroce, paintings by the Flemish master Bassan and more. The Church of Our Lady of Sunjaiz from the 15th century is a valuable cultural monument and contains paintings by Palma the elder, Natalino da Murano, Mateja Juncic and others. On the southern side of the island is located the bay Sunj and one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Adriatic. You can take a 20 minutes long walk or take a golf cart drive to get to the beach.

Island of Šipan – The largest island in the Elaphite archipelago, with its quiet bays, beaches, cypress trees, groves of orange and lemon trees, full of old structures (churches, summer residences of the landowners and plebeians) dispersed throughout the forested slopes, with a long history interwoven with many stories and legends, is one of the pearls of the Dubrovnik region. Two settlements, Sudurad on the eastern and the Port of Sipan on the western part of the island receive numerous tourists in their beautiful homes.

If you are tired of the usual daily routine, taking buses from one point to another, we recommend that you change that while you are enjoying your vacation. If you want to do an Island hoping, maybe sightseeing the area from another perspective, or to be dropped-off to the very next city, give us a call. We are different, and have something new to offer. Transfer by sea, our on-call service will provide you with an alternative to commuting as you know it.

Visit Island of Lokrum, Island of Koločep, Island of Šipan, Island of Lopud, Zaton Bay, Orašac, Sunset Gardens, Brsečine, Trsteno, Slano, Dubrovnik marina, Cavtat, Molunat by sea. Relax and enjoy durig the drive.

Source: TZ Dubrovnik-neretva County.